Everyday racism
An interactive travelling exhibition for greater courage
to stand up against exclusion and xenophobia in Austria.

Young people aged 13 and above are inspired to take a closer look and create photographic documentation of any different forms of everyday racism they perceive. These works are then incorporated into the travelling exhibition which is adapted to the relevant exhibition site in terms of its content.
The exhibition is constantly being changed and updated either directly through workshops or online.
The Exhibition is ideal for presenting in schools or at youth centres, public buildings or public locations.

Young people observe their everyday environment and capture any exclusive behaviour, xenophobic images or racist statements through photography.
The images are then displayed as part of the “Everyday racism” exhibition as something to confront, discuss, explain, fight against and somehow prevent.
It is a matter of increasing social awareness of the fact that violence against those weaker than ourselves is a matter of cowardice and that young people need to see through structural violence in order to develop social responsibility and courage so that simply looking away is no longer such an easy thing to do.

The association 8ung
! is a community that promotes mutual respect, helpfulness and civil courage.
8ung! stands for: Watch! - and take care.
stands up

·  for a watchful society that opposes unequal treatment.

·  for joint commitment to the human rights of othes, in particular the right to education and the right to protection against discrimination.

·  against social exclusion and hostility towards foreigners, especially if on grounds of nationality, ethnic origin, gender, disability, social status, religion or sexual orientation.

Some of young people from many different countries have already been faced with hostility towards foreigners on grounds of their origin.
We have made it our duty, together with
young people, to make sure that we do not have to live in a xenophobic world.

For visitors, there is a two hour tour through the interactive exhibition. In the course of the tour, they will visit the exhibition and will receive information as to its contents.
The tour also includes a group discussion and the opportunity to experience social exclusion and hostility towards foreigners by completing a questionnaire.